Your Spiritual Gifts

Maria Duval says as spiritual beings, we all have received spiritual gifts. This in essence means each one of us has an unique spiritual ability which enables us to communicate with the spiritual realm - our angels, spiritual guides, other spirits and the Higher Power. Once you know what you spiritual gift is, you can use it to help others.

Sadly, most do not realize this special ability or have not learn to tap into it to awaken the spiritual consciousness. Maria says the best way to reach it is through meditation. I have learned that this gift is an ability that each person has developed over many lifetimes, and is not easy to pick up as it requires tremendous faith and patience.

Maria Duval - Your Spiritual GiftsMaria Duval points out that if you are not yet aware of your natural spiritual gift, you can start to listen to your inner voice. Through the practice of meditation, you will discover your special abilities and all the answers that you need.

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