I Tweet, I Follow

Recently I learn something new which is called microblogging and this is really interesting. Do forgive me. I know this microblogging stuff has been in the rage for the past couple of years and probably you are already an expert in that :) Well, as people say all the time, it's never too late to pick up a new trend or new skill, as we must continually seek self-improvement in all aspects of our life.

Do check out my Twitter microblogging at http://twitter.com/luckmoneylove. There is really another world out there. Presently I have over 500 followers, and the more people you follow, the more followers you get in return, all according to the law of the universe.

Yes, I am also amazed that there are many people around who are into spiritual self-improvement, psychic and clairvoyance topics. It's a perfect avenue to link up one another.

Twitter is really great as it allows lazy people like me to concisely share my thoughts to the world, in a snap and fast way. I admit it is more appealing than mainstream blogging like this one. However, i will still spend time to blog here properly as time allows. You can tweet from anywhere, from your iPhone, or any 3G connected phone. It's really simple. I wish Maria Duval tweets too, so that i can follow her. I wonder if this is possible for her to do...

Please follow me at http://twitter.com/luckmoneylove and I will follow you back.

Many thanks!

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