A Powerfully Conditioning Effect

Maria Duval - http://www.commack.k12.ny.us/chs/courant05/CourantSiteNEW/CourantSite/February/images/thought.jpgBasically, our thoughts have a powerfully conditioning effect on the quality of our personal environment, in the material, relational and spiritual spheres.

Let Maria Duval give you a piece of advice thatʼs worth its weight in gold: never forget that you are creating your own reality with your thoughts! This is because the external reality in which you live is nothing more than the reflection, or the natural prolongation, of your ʻinternal worldʼ, coloured by your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Maria Duval says believe in her with a little concentration and rigor, ʻcontrollingʼ your thoughts is totally achievable…easy even, when you get into the habit. Paying attention to your thoughts is a very effective way of maintaining a luminous, radiant aura filled with vital energy.

Additionally, if you want to purify and energise your Aura, reactivating its colours and therefore your personal luck in the areas associated with these colours, you can use Creative Formulas.

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