Maria Duval - Colours of Aura WHITE & GRAY

I believe many of you have tried the prism experiment in schools. A beam of white light is shone at one side of a prism and a beautiful band of rainbow coloured light emanates from the other side. From this simple physics experience, we know that WHITE is the fusion of 7 colours.

Maria Duval says that, similarly in spiritual terms, white indicates total integration and the capacity for harmonious union. Itʼs the colour of Christian consciousness, of spiritual fulfillment; it is found among those who have achieved enlightenment.

This colour marks the desire for brotherhood amongst men, and expresses the link that builds between souls. Acquisition of this colour can make it possible to overcome immense difficulties and periods of great solitude, to avoid suicide and equip the person with great powers of recovery. It values the virtues of silence and prayer.

Creamy-white as a colour indicates a strong interest in spiritual research (religious and/or occult information obtained over the course of previous lives). When the colours of the luminous spectrum appear at the top of the head, they correspond to qualities that have already been acquired and are available.

As for GREY, Maria Duval thinks this is a very important colour for those who are involved in the therapeutic or psychological aspect of aura. Grey denotes a dysfunction or disease of an organ. It may indicate intense fatigue (exhaustion) or alternatively deception. Mixed with brown, it can mean the presence of a serious illness or a significant energy blockage.

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Chinese Star Signs said...

Aura is really important to tell how somebody else is feeling,without reading their mind.