Clairvoyant 6th Sense

Have you ever wondered why people like to use "6th sense" to explain a very strong feeling a person has about something that may about to happen?

Maria Duval explains that this kind of psychic talent, to "see" Maria duval - 6th sensethings not associated with the five senses, is called clairvoyance. A person like her who is psychic naturally possesses this clairvoyant ability. Psychics can adjust their "frequency" knob higher and can therefore discern more spiritual signals than normal beings can. But anybody who is open to the idea of opening his 6th sense, can rightfully develop it too.

Clairvoyance is a kind of psychic power that we possess. Do you know that all of us are psychic, just that you may not be aware of this fact. Yes, we all have the hidden capability to see the future, know things beyond our imagination. Maria Duval says this is a gift from Nature that allows us to fend off natural dangers for us to survival in the wild conditions during early human era.

The sad thing is that as we are more technologically advanced through the years, the way society has conditioned all of us, to this day, most people only utilize a small portion of their brain, mostly for intellectual purpose. Science has proof of this. But if you are patient enough to practice consistent meditation, you can boost your brain power, and bring out the psychic in you

But through meditation and other psychic exercises, you can bring out the psychic powers that are latent in you. You can have the chance of discovering clairvoyance too.

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