Maria Duval - Rainbow Meditation

This is a very complete visualisation session from Maria Duval that can profoundly purify, invigorates and ʻrechargesʼ your Aura with the colours it is lacking. First follow steps 1 to 3 of ʻThe Tree of Fruits of Lightʼ.

– Once you are receptive, calm and relaxed, visualise the colours of a rainbow, starting with the colour red. Imagine a little red glimmer that grows and grows, to finally burst into a ball of sparkling light. Then say to yourself: “Through the colour red, I am charging every cell with energy and vigour. I am well-anchored in my life, which I organise with imagination and love”. Imagine yourself bathed in a beautiful red light then internalise it with the help of a deep intake of breath.

This development will take a minute or two, at the most, but time is not the important thing, itʼs the image that counts; the longer you manage to hold the image, the stronger the impact of your visualisation and the more effective the exercise. Do this willingly and without forcing things, as if it were a ʻgameʼ. It is in fact a game with the primordial forces of the cosmos, with the laws of Attraction.

– Then allow a ball of orange light to appear on your mental screen, saying to yourself, in your head: “Through the colour orange, I am mastering my emotions and guiding my desires. By being in harmony with my environment I have new potential for change every day”. Imagine yourself bathed in a sparkling orange light, then ʻabsorbʼ it by breathing in.

– Then allow a ball of golden-yellow light appear on your mental screen, while saying to yourself, in your head: “Through the colour yellow, I am becoming aware of my thoughts and turning them in the right direction. I express my ideas fully and I show good judgement”. Imagine yourself bathed in a brilliant yellow light, then internalise it with an intake of breath.

– Do the same with the colour green, saying to yourself: “Through the colour green, peace fills every cell in my body and radiates outwards to those around me. I am finding the source of Love within me and am aware that I am the creator of my life”. Imagine yourself bathing in a splendid emerald green light, then breath in to internalise it into your being.

– Visualise a ball of sparkling turquoise light on the inner screen of your third eye (brow chakra) while saying to yourself, in your mind: “Thanks to the colour turquoise, I feel filled with love and radiate that love around me constantly. My words are pure, I am open to others, I express myself clearly and directly”. Imagine yourself in a crystalline blue sea, then breathe in this inspiring light, to incorporate it deep within you.

– On your mental screen, visualise a ball of shimmering, indigo light, while saying to yourself, in your head: “The colour indigo gives me an intense desire to know myself, to commune with my inner being”. Imagine yourself bathed in a beautiful indigo light, then as you breathe in, assimilate this revitalising light.

– Allow a magnificent ball of luminous violet light appear on your mental screen while saying to yourself: “The colour violet gives me access to all the treasures of my inner being and allows me to express my intuitive, inspired and creative potential”. Now feel the magic of this violet light envelope you. Then imagine yourself breathing it in through the root chakra, located at the base of your spine, and breathing it out through the crown chakra. See this breath be transformed into pure, crystalline water,and visualise a flower on this water, with ever more numerous petals that slowly take on the colours of the rainbow. Place yourself in the middle of this flower.

– These iridescent colours you are bathing in, from head to toe, now fade into a beautiful white light, pure and invigorating energy. Feel how all the layers of your bodies are revitalised by this restorative energy that unites all the colours. Feel how the aura around you is ʻpurifiedʼ and is now more luminous and recharged in vital energy of a supreme quality. Enjoy this moment to the full.

– Thank the creator universe for this holy ʻBath of Youthʼ and Maria Duval.

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