Maria Duval - The ʻTree of the Fruits of Lightʼ

Another technique to hone your creative visualisation from Maria Duval.

1. Find a quiet, well-ventilated place where you wonʼt be disturbed, with suitable lighting that is not too bright. You might want to burn some incense or light a candle. Slip into some loose clothing, ideally in natural fabrics (linen, cotton, wool). Settle yourself down comfortably, back nice and straight, legs and arms uncrossed (this promotes energetic circulation). Use a visual aid (card or material) to help you identify more clearly with the colour youʼre going to be working with – in this case, lemon yellow.

2. Close your eyes and start to relax, to release your tension… free yourself of all cares, all stress. To do this, use your conscious breathing. As you breathe in, slowly and deeply, you are accessing the subtler energies contained in the air… then hold your breath as this air invigorates and purifies all the cells in your body. Now, as you breathe out, expel all your tension onto the purifying flame of the candle… all your fears, your anxieties and all the negativity that is holding you back.

Maria Duval - Peaceful Shore3. Now visualise-imagine a sphere of white light above your head… see it enter you through the crown of your head, purify you and re-energise your whole body… it illuminates your face, then the nape of your neck, your back, your chest, purifying every one of your organs, relaxing your arms, descending down to your legs, then back up your spine, instantly eliminating all tension. Continue breathing slowly and deeply… allow this light-energy to regenerate, harmonize, purify and illuminate your aura. You are now in a receptive state.

4. Visualise the colour lemon-yellow… like a bright ray, the colour lemon penetrates you.. you are sitting down, at the foot of a tree with fruits of light, a lemon tree. You lift your head… its fruits shine above you among the leaves… a cool, aromatic breeze caresses you in the light… the air around the lemons is luminous. Let this lemon colour enter you through the pores of your skin and lift you up, purify you… the energy of the lemon colour runs through you like a breath of freshness… everywhere it passes, it fills you, spilling out from your body into your aura. Your aura fills with joy, with cheer and with light.

5. Take some time to assimilate this light properly… the lemon colour gives you mastery over your self, making you more communicative, inspired and optimistic and promotes the expansion of your consciousness… you have absorbed all the virtues and powers associated with this colour. Then thank the Inner Source that has given you this experience. When you are ready, gradually regain awareness of your body, open your eyes… you feel full of energy, purified and in harmony with life.

Contine to feel blessed :)

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