Happy New Year to All :)

Dear friends,

Sorry for the late post and update. I was away visiting my grandmother over the New Year weekend. I was amazed that is a place where things and life are still rather slow and primitive, to say the least. Yes, it was on a rather mountainous region, and I love it!

Yes, time really goes like a rocket. We are now in 2011! What have you achieved last year? This is a question most people with conscience will be asking. For me, I achieved 3 things.

1. I got promoted.
2. My relationship with parents become better.
3. I learned a little bit of Japanese!

This year I hope it will be better than the last! There are just too many things in the world to learn. We should make learning a lifelong commitment, shouldn't we?

Lastly, I wish all of you a very Prosperous, Harmonious and Happy 2011.

Thanks for coming here!


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