Maria Duval explains Intuition

You know what intuition is, don’t you? Yes, it is indeed that "little inner voice" that speaks up when there’s a problem to be resolved, when you need to find an answer to a worrying question or resolve a moral dilemma, etc.

Of course, most people listen to their intuition only very rarely (doubtless because they distrust it, considering it to be "unreal", a sort of mental distortion)... and then after the fact they say: … and knew it! I "guessed" that was going to happen!

Whether you call it your “Inner Master”, “Inner Guide”, “ Superior Self” or even “Sixth sense”, you intuition is actually your most valuable ally. Even when silent it is in constant communication with you through your intuition (in fact it’s a lesson "from inside"), through dreams, signs and feelings.

So over the course of the day you receive a large amount of information, specifically information that concerns you directly, that can have a vital impact on the course your life takes. All you need to do is be attentive, so that you pick up on this information and make the most of it.

Intuition may also be channelled through an idea, a thought, a sudden desire, a visual or auditory image, which may be fleeting or recurring, and which sometimes may seem to have no direct link to your problems.

More often still, intuition translates directly into action; you are impelled to do or say the right thing at the right time, or events seem spontaneously to flow in the required way, or perhaps friends or strangers are compelled to act favourably towards you, even when their intentions are quite the opposite. The solution emerges where before it seemed that nothing could be done!

Maria Duval recommends that you establish and maintain an ongoing connection with your intuition, whatever form it takes. You must understand that your intuition is a part of your intelligence and of the Divine

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