Maria Duval: attracting lucks

Maria Duval says the world is only a projection of our thoughts. Even bodies are nothing other than the product of the thoughts and it is under the control of the minds. Buddha, after years of intense mediation, said: "Everything we are was created by our thoughts."

Every human being has only one single desire: TO BE HAPPY.

In other words, you must realise that all man seek to do more is to gain more pleasure and avoid suffering. The dearest wish of the human being is to be loved and recognised for what he or she is. If you can understand and respect that you will attract luck to youself, because you will attract the favours of people you approach and even people you don't know.

Maria Duval adds, to attract luck, transform one by one your thoughts into positive waves that support you and do you good. Luck is not a law of chance. Luck is related to the merits you have accumulated in your previous lives. As you sow, so shall you reap. That is the irreversible law of karma.

Seek the company of people who are wise and creative, says Maria Duval. Given when you can give, do it with all your heart, be fair to yourself and those around you. Above all, don't give in order to get something back. Do it without expecting anything in return.

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