Maria Duval: our precious gift

Maria Duval says we're surrounded by noise, traffic and multiple modes of communication. Therefore it is almost not possible to hear our spirit in the middle of all that noise. We are losing our precious gift which is spirituality. This is an unique gift God has given to human beings.

It is very important to have some silence in your life! Maria Duval advises you spending some silence to connect with your heart, and to be in touch with love and truth at its deepest level. Taking time out every day for a period of quietness will be a source of strength and comfort to you, and will give you space to sit in peace.

I have talked about this many times in this blog. That is meditation. I can't stress the importance of it if you are into spirituality. Maria Duval has said meditation can mean listening the in and out of breathing. It can simply mean sitting quietly, stilling your mind to the outside world, and taking the time for deep reflection.

Through meditation opens up a channel to the vibration of truth. It allows us the chance to hear our heart beat, to feel our blood flow and our gentle breathing. It reminds us that we are fragile beings who can be snuffed out like a tiny light and that we are not immortal - we are blood and bone and we are born to die. Maria Duval has said it many times and I've learning something new all the time when I meditate.

Remember, don't lose your precious gift.

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