Why some poeple have positive attitude yet can't achieve much?

There's great spiritual power if you use your positive attitude correctly. Many great men have confirmed about that through their successes and outcomes. Maria Duval has talked about that repeated. However, there are something which we need to take note of.

I am saying this because some people have positive attitude but they are just not going anywhere. Do you know that there are some people who have positive attitude but they never achieve the goals that they want to achieve? Why is that so?

1) Procrastination: This is a trait that is found in many people. I'm not immune to it too. I still do however I don't let it overcome me. You can have all the positive thinking in the world thinking that you will one day be able to reach your goal. But if you like to procrastinate and do not take massive action, having a positive attitude will not help at all. We need to set the goals and action according to the plan. No procrastination or excuses or it will create a false sense of optimism which is detrimental and counterproductive.

2) Lack of determination: A person can be the most positive you ever known and he/she will achieve the goals. Now, the verdict comes when there's real test when you start to face some problems and difficulty. This is the crunch time when it will really test you on whether you will still be able to maintain a positive attitude or not. If you can't maintain the right mindset, you will surely give up the fight and with it, your dream vanishes.

If you practise positive attitude without any procrastination and full of determination, the road to success is nearly 50% there for sure.

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