Maria Duval - More about I Ching, the Book of Changes

Maria Duval states that since modern intelligent Man first appeared on Earth, their have always tried to predict what about the future. This is the reason why every human civilisation has historical records about divinatory practices, located at every part of the world. From China, there is this book called 'The Book of Changes' or I Ching. The basic principle of this book is based on the Chinese view of the world being in constant and perpetual changes and transformation revolving around the idea of harmony between Man and the environment around him.

According to the view of Chinese, there are two elementary energies, Ying and Yang. Yang means light. It is associated with the active male principle with creativity, movement, heavens and Sun. It represents the positive energy.

Yin (dark), on the contrary, means female principle of passivity, receptivity, the Earth and the Moon. It means negative energy.

Yin and Yang therefore forms the fundamentals of every state of existence in the Universe, male/female, hot/cold, bright/dark, dry/wet, love/hate,  order/chaos, and others. Human and nature activities are just the manifestation of the actions of Yin and Yang forces.

For more Maria Duval teachings about I Ching, please refer to Maria's book about the powerful secrets of I Ching.

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