Achieving good level of concentration

We shall continue from yesterday's post about concentration by Maria Duval.

Once you have started the practice, for a while, you will then condition yourself, but in the positive sense of the word, and you will look forward with pleasure, if not impatience, to the same time each day when you will be alone with yourself. You will be giving yourself a treat: some space and time that will be all yours for recharging your batteries.

You can regard this routine as a discipline if you want to, but one which nevertheless offers the pleasure of perpetual discovery.

It's a matter of getting into a habit, just like a musician doing piano practice every morning, or a gardener watering his vegetable patch, pr perhaps someone brushing their teeth after every meal.

Once this habit has become ingrained through practise, it will get easier and easier for you to concentrate at will.

The energy you need to concentrate will come to you automatically and concentrating will be just as natural and spontaneous a thing as a flower exhaling its perfume.

Tomorrow I will post about the next factor taught by Maria Duval for achieving good concentration.

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