Maria Duval : what it means to "do your best"

Doing your best is not about going to work and waiting impatiently for payday, or the weekend to have some time off. If you only work for reward you fight against it, trying to avoid action with the result that you do not do your best.

If on the contrary, you act out of the pure pleasure of action, without expecting any reward, you will discover that you enjoy everything you do. You will be rewarded for it, but you will no longer be attached to the reward; you may get more than you would have done, without expecting it. If you like what you do, you will always do your best, you will live a full life without boredom or frustration.

If you do your best, you really don't give your Inner Judge any opportunity to make you feel guilty or criticise you. If you have done your best and he tries to judge you, you will know that you have already done your best. There are no regrets in this case. And gradually you will improve on your awareness as you know what is the right thing to do or not to do.

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