Relationship between your Inner Being and your Body

Psychic Maria Duval explains that your body is designed to serve as a buffer between your inner being and the outside world and carries your through life. Your body also teaches you some of the most basic things about human condition. By listening to the teaching and the gifts that it offers you, you will prepare yourself for wisdom and peace.

The body you have been given remains yours from your birth to the last. It is up to you to treasure or abuse it. It is a spiritual act to acknowledge your body as your partner in life. This relationship you have built is essential because this is where the relationship with others are built.

Perhaps you think that your body and mind are a good match, that they are well aligned. If that's the case, then that's great. But perhaps you are unhappy with your physical appearance, hence whatever you think about your body, it is always a mutual relationship that has a significant impact on your whole life.

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