Our Creative Thoughts

Like words, our human thoughts are creative source of energy, and both words and thoughts are linked. Thoughts are impulses of cosmic energy that have the power to manifest themselves in the material Universe, for good and for bad as psychic Maria Duval points out.

Even though our thoughts are invisible, it does not matter if the thoughts are kept in your head or being expressed in words because in both ways, they do have an impact in the physical world.

All our life experiences, lived through joy and pain, success and failure, wealth and poverty, all these events seem to have happened to us, but in truth, on a very basic level, there are things that we have caused to happen.

Psychic Maria Duval states clearly that our thoughts are like a "seed" that will grow, from being a plant, to a grown tree and will bear fruits which may be sweet or bitter depending on the type of "seed" being planted in your mind. Negative thought will bear bitter fruits while positive thought will bear sweet fruits.

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