We need to love Money

The title may state the obvious but how many of us are rejecting money and wealth subconsciously?

Psychic Maria Duval says, if you do not love money, it will evade you. Please do not ever make this mistake again if you wish to receive the abundance from the Universe. If you do that, it will be like rejecting a love relationship and complain that you are lonely. You should not push away the thing that you want or the person you love, or they will never come to you.

So regarding money are a harmful thing or having a wrong mindset about it will make you feel distanced from it. There's nothing wrong wanting to be rich and living in luxury. The only grave advice Maria Duval likes to give you is making money at the expense of other people.

So love money without any misguided sense of shame and it will love you back. Never criticise money, its power and nature. Money itself is not dirty but rather the perverse spirits that come out of it, which is a very different matter.

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