You create a better life spiritually when you are doing your best

By doing your best, the habits of misusing your words, taking everything that happens to you personally and making assumptions will weaken, occuring less and less often, and finally disappearing, as what psychic Maria Duval teaches.

You must understand that you do not need to judge or punish yourself or feel guilty. Just follow the laws of the universe as explained throughout and just do your best!

If you are doing your best in everything you do, you will feel good even if you are still making some assumptions, even if you sometimes still react to things personally, even if your word is not always true.

It is only through practice that you will master it. Everything you have learned is through repetition. You only learn to write, to speak your language because you exerted yourself. So the most important thing is not to become discouraged, but rather put Maria Duval's instructions into practice and that will make the difference in your life.

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