Beliefs are foundations of your Thoughts

More on psychic Maria Duval's advices on personal beliefs.

Thoughts are actions while your beliefs are the foundations on which you build your thoughts. In other words, your beliefs will attract in the emotional or material world the counterpart of what they radiate. Your beliefs are in fact an assortments of thoughts, materalised and very powerful thoughts with the ability to create your reality.

Do you know that your beliefs will lead to what kind of decisions you made. Your beliefs direct the way of your thinking. How you feeling emotionally is also due to your own beliefs. Actions you have taken also come from your beliefs and personal values. Of course, how you interpret the world and the happenings around you are linked to your personal beliefs.

Therefore, if you always wish to make a breakthrough in life, you have to change your existing beliefs, if not, no matter what you do, you will achieve the same result!

Maria Duval suggests that to change your beliefs, one way to do it is to meditate. Learn from Maria more about it if you are considering how to change your thoughts to change your beliefs

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