A person with self-esteem

Every person should have self-esteem as it is one of the most important personality trait. Self-esteem means the way you see or act yourself in a righteous way without any fear of being mislabelled inappropriately by others.

Do you know that the way in which you speak to yourself, look at yourself, the messages and the words with which you identify will determine the way you see yourself.

A person which a lot of negative thoughts about himself is likely not to feel good personally and thus there is a lack of self-esteem in that person. Very unfortunately, when you regard yourself with little self-esteem, that view will come back to you through the eyes of others, usually in the form of criticisms, or unsavoury remarks about you.

Therefore psychic Maria Duval states that it is important for you to love yourself if you want to be loved by other people. So discard away bad negative thought patterns from your mind and adopt positive mindset. Then you will endow yourself with dynamic energy that will attract the positives, and at the same time, you will project a positive image of yourself.

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