There is always a solution to every problem

Now, Maria Duval highlights that you can always bring your attention to solutions and never to problems. Give yourself gentle reminders that for every problem, there lies a solution and if you refuse to entertain what happens to be a problem, it will go away all by itself.

If at one time or another a negative thought comes to your mind, be calm and allow them to pass and do not resist them as they will go away by themselves through your meditated mind.

The negative is superimposed on man by separating consciousness of the good and bad of which it is formed, but its profound nature is divine.

Behind every negative, there is always a hidden positive thought and joy. Why is that so you may ask?

Because human nature is basically kind as man is guilt in the image of God.

Therefore, why make yourself feel bad by hanging on to things which make you feel bad, ask Maria Duval. In conclusion, never forget that they are nothing but illusions along your path and that your true nature is divine and filled with intelligence.

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