Different paradigms of physical body

Psychic Maria Duval says we have three types of bodies in us, namely, physical body, psychological body and spiritual body.

Now, let's talk about our physical body.

According to the yoga tradition, our physical body is composed of five elements: earth (prithivi), water (apas), fire (agni), air (vayu) and ether (akasha). It goes through different stages of existence: birth, growth, youth, aging, old age and death.

To a doctor, our physical body consists in various cells that form organs that perform a multitude of biological functions which, when they are correctly carried out, represent health, our most precious asset. If the organs are not functioning what they are supposed to do, illnesses will occur. As a result, cells and tissues begin to breakdown and our physical body deteriorates.

So the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medicine or treatment to cure the sickness. The doctor considers the physical body as an independent entity, and concentrates to heal the patient.

However to a psychologist, the physical body is a psychosomatic amalgam that is influenced by thought while to a physicist, the body is just a amalgam of cells in atomic or subatomic composition.

What Maria Duval is trying to elaborate here is that according to the level of consciousness, the body takes on a different meaning and changes paradigm. Hence by changing the level, you can also change the reality of things and the potential to intervene them.

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