Our Psychological Body

Psychic Maria Duval says the astral body or psychological body records all the imprints (samskaras) of our present life and those of our past lives.

It is composed of:

The mind (namas) that thinks and doubts.

The intellectual (bouddhi) that analyses and evaluates. The subconscious (chitta). Maria Duval explains that the subconscious is the part of our consciousness located just below the conscious mind. The experiences recorded in the subconscious are generally accessible when it is relaxed.

The subconscious (satchitta) which records all our past experiences and is generally only accessible to the conscious mind with great difficulty. Failures, lapses, accidents, dreams, psychosomatic illnesses all also modes of expression of the unconscious mind.

Well, Maria Duval concludes that the psychological body is basically composed of all of the thoughts. The thoughts you have about yourself, about objects and about the world in general. That is why you will change when you change your thoughts, and so do the world around you at the same time.

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