Maria Duval : Some ways to success in life

Each person ought to have a clear mind of what he or she wants in life. It's like a lighthouse that guides a sailing ship in a chopping sea.

Desire what you want full of passion and do it enthusiastically. You'll be amazed how much vigour there is in life.

Of course, a personal battle plan is indispensable. A general without a set of tactics is like going to war without ambition.

Get as much knowledge as you can related to your area of expertise. There is nothing in this world that can afford you to stop learning. No subject in this world can be grasped completely as there is always something new to explore.

When the goings are tough, it's a time to test your mettle instead of showing the white flag. It's time that you learn and experience what you should do in the time of crisis.

When you tide through the bad waves, say thanks to God or simply express your full gratitude. Thanks your friends and colleagues who have helped you along the way.

Most importantly, pick up habits of success and not those behaviours that will lead you down to the dark sides.

If possible, have a good experienced mentor to show you to way. It will drastically cut short your learning processes.

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