True happiness is found in your heart

Materialism is the word in today's society. People just want to buy more and more of the latest stuff like fashion, cars, tech toys, or food. I guess that's just a part of the modern life and no one can accuse anyone of being too materialistic.

What I'm trying to say here is everything we do or act should have a limit to it. By being over indulgently materialistic is just giving you a false illusion of satisfaction and security. Life may not be better if a person keeps in buying and splashing the money on the luxuries. This in fact just creates a vicious cycle that may lead to more sadness and unhappiness in some extreme cases.

Psychic Maria Duval teaches that happiness is not found in the objects you possessed but rather, in your heart, which is the place you keep your true wealth. But how many people out there really grasp the subtle meaning of this?

To be truly happy, act selflessly by giving away generously within your might and this is a selfless heart at work and you'll bring more happiness to people around you.

Maria Duval also says this act of love will dissolve the hardest of stones and proud ego, which in actual fact, a source of problems in your life. Remember well that you are on earth to be happy and it makes your body grows stronger and wiser. If materialism gives you happiness, I guess that's only a transient illusion of temporary happiness.

So look for true happiness instead.

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