Seeking the truth

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that the reason why life is so difficult to many is because their lives are governed by fear. If you look around, you'll soon realise that our beautiful world is not beautiful to some as they experience human suffering, anger, vengeful thoughts, violence, fighting and other atrocities. All of these are just a reflection of a "dream" injustice.

In essence, all mankind is seeking truth, justice and beauty. We are on a continual question for truth because we only believe the lies that are etched on our mind. We search for justice because it doesn't exist in our belief system.

We never cease searching, but all is already within us! In fact life goes on as if we were moving through a fog. This is nothing but a dream, a personal "life dreams" made up of our beliefs, all the ideas we have about what we are, all the agreements that we have made with others, ourselves and even with God.

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