We "sign" agreements all the time

As we grow up, we "signed" thousands of agreements with ourselves and others, like partners, parents, friends and God, says Maria Duval. But the most important ones are those that you have "signed" with yourself. Through these agreements, you have labelled subconsciously as what you are, what you feel, what you think it is and how to behave. So the end result is called your "personality".

You say "this is what i am, this is what I believe. There are some things I can do and others I can't. There is reality, this is imaginable, this is possible, that's impossible."

Any of these agreements alone poses little problem, but in any number they make you suffer and fail in life. If you want to have a happy and prosperous life, you must find the determination to break these agreements founded on fear and reclaim your personal power, as what Maria teaches.

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