Give and ye shall receive

"Give and ye shall receive!

This is a widely known as the universal principle of wealth and prosperity and is acknowledged by all philosophies, religions and holy scriptures, says clairvoyant Maria Duval. If you diligently obey this basic rule, I believe you will receive more in returns then you give. I'm not sure how much is how much though, I just believe if you give within your capability without reservations, the universe could work wonders for you.

For me, sometimes whenever I plan of my finances, I would set aside a certain portion to give to charitable causes or humanitarian organisations and I think this is a very good way to help those less fortunates in this world, especially in the aftermath of some natural disasters and victims there would need a lot of love and assistance to be tended. I listen and try to follow what my mentor Maria Duval tells me.

Someone who has been living in luxury all along without care and concern to the less fortunates around is essentially building up bad karma which will come back to haunt the person in some stage in the future. I think what Maria Duval says here is very true. If you do not give back to the society as much as you can, there will be a time when you will build up negative karma which may come back to haunt you next time or in your next generation. So there could be a sudden reversal in the fortunes due to the lack of care or simply negligent.

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