Our mind is the power that controls the money

Psychic Maria Duval has said many times that Money is one of the most powerful and mysterious symbols or energy in the world. Money is often the most anonymous; it is difficult, if not impossible to identify it. Our greatest desire is to attract it to us and then use it to make our lives better. Sometimes money can "betray" us; it allows us to acquire goods or do things that turn out to be the source of problems instead of all the good things we are expecting.

Maria Duval adds that money is a powerful force that either save or kill us, destroy our hopes and our families, or on the contrary, it can allow us to blossom in prosperity. It is really magic because with it we can do anything, or almost!

It is imperative to understand that money is neutral. The only thing that matters is your state of mind when you use it. Basically, money is whatever you want it to be and show be treated as such as what Maria Duval says.

As far as its symbolism is concerned, it represents the price we have on the objects. It is our own minds that give it its true nature. Money itself represents nothing until we give it its meaning. Our mind, our wishes, make it good or bad, depending on the circumstances and opportunities.

Psychic Maria Duval points out that sometimes money does not bring us what we are expecting, our control over it is only relative. We never know exactly what it holds in store for us, so we have to put in a lot of thoughts and care into "programming" how we are going to use it.

Finally we all most understand one important point, that is, our mind is a tool that has the power to make money work for us when and how you want. Without our mind, money is just a chunk of worthless papers.

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