Desire - essential for achieving prosperity

maria duval desiresWe often hear this word "desire" and it is a very common word. Psychic Maria Duval regards "desire" to a car ignition key that will turn on the powerful engine without your mind and this engine will drive you to your destination, without fail, once it has been started. Yes, desire is essential for anyone to succeed to achieve prosperity and abundance.

Just sit down and ponder what the world will be like if there is no desire. I guess the world will be a very decrepit place, hardly the advanced world we see right now. Without desire, how are you even going to push yourself to reach that goal? But Maria Duval says there is a essential need to understand such desire is DIFFERENT from desires like, need to eat, need to rest, need to enjoy or need to socialise. Such desires a short term but they are energy drainers which bring detrimental results to your personal self-improvements.

The kind of desires which Maria Duval places more importance and are long term is more linked to personal evolution. They are, abundance, health, fortune, success, love, peace, money, comfort and so many. The world improves because there are people there would want to achieve their personal dreams to improve the world or to improve themselves.

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