Listen to your Inner Self and receive more prosperity

Psychic Maria Duval says that your inner self is a treasure. It is a part of the divine Intelligence and Soul. You can trust no more around but you have to trust your own inner self because that is your best friend in difficult times. Similarly trust your Inner Self when it comes to fostering prosperity and wealth in your life. It is a Master who gives you an added dimension.

Each time you find yourself in conflict or in competition with someone or some others, or you are about to undertake something important, Psychic Maria Duval shares that we should seek our Inner Self for help and inspiration so that it can guide you to a best solution favourably.

Since we rely so much on our left brain and its logical mental reasonings, we have lost most of our sensitiveness to our Inner Self. Maria Duval thinks that's a tragedy. Our normal reasoning is comes from the human level, but Inner Self gives you a level from the divine plane and this is just like your personal magic wand. One suggestion is to turn in more to your right brain because that's the place where you can hon your intuition which is closely linked to your Inner Self.

"Listen to the voice of wisdom!"

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