Master of your own Destiny

The voice of the wisdom comes deep from your core which houses the temple of the infinite wisdom and intelligence of the cosmos, says psychic Maria Duval. This is what you should come and meditate regularly to gain strength, life, power and inspiration you need to enable you to achieve your objectives.

Do not worry if you can't seem to hear this tiny voice. Maria Duval says this is very normal as it as been so suppressed, whether by ignorance or by mistake, that you cannot recognise it from amongst the different frequencies of "sounds" and thoughts around you at any time. But through a lot of practice, this voice may well suddenly find an effective way of speaking to you, just when you are asking for its assistance.

Maria Duval adds that for those who are not yet familiar with the metaphysical principles of success always make the mistakes of trying to solve problems solely through reasoning powers and are despondent to find successes hard to come by. In the end they know more problems in their minds than they have in the beginning.

So, asks clairvoyant Maria Duval, will you finally dare to liberate the only unfailing force that can lead you towards true happiness and make you the absolute Master of your own destiny?

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