Opening the floodgates of riches through strong faith

Clairvoyant Maria Duval quotes that Jesus was able to heal sick people who had an unshakable confidence in him. Blind people regained their sight, and cripples regained the use of their limbs. And Jesus said after the healing that "it was your faith that saved you!" Of course Jesus had divine powers but there had to be openness of mind and heart which brought forth the spiritual faith in the healing process.

So the point here is there has to be complete and impregnable faith in yourself if you were to achieve what you want in life and bring "miracles" to your own life. Clairvoyant Maria Duval says to develop such strong level of faith in yourself you would need to behave as if you are already possessing the object or situation of your desires. One such way to develop strong faith is the use of psychological power of repeated affirmations and phrases and visualisation techniques to image scenes of abundance in your mind.

So if you fill your mind each day with appropriate words and images you will attract various opportunities relating to your desires. Maria Duval states that if you desire money keep repeating and saying to yourself that money is there for you. Of course, you would need to put in the right action without which it is just pure day dreaming. Visualise you own abundant riches and your riches are growing and through which you will gain more faith and confidence in yourself. It's like opening the flood gates that had been stemming the flow of the precious, invaluable resources that are contained within you.

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