Maria Duval - Forth Chakra ; Heart Chakra

Today let me talk about Maria Duval's view on the fourth chakra, the Anahata or the Heart Chakra. From the name, you know it is near to the centre of the chest. Heart Chakra represents unconditional love, inner peace, intuition, healing, beauty, arts and receptivity. It links and access us to the Soul residing in our body.

Heart Chakra is linked to the thymus and associated with the element Air and the sense of smell. This chakra relates ti contact, the sensitivity of the heart, the capacity to be moved and touched, and the idea of being in contact with things. From this energy center, we draw the ability to establish identity, to adapt, to feel, or to thrill with emotion.

Thanks to this Heart Chakra, we can appreciate the beauty of Nature, the harmony of music and the arts. It's here that images, words and sensory expressions are transformed into feelings.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval adds that the purpose of Heart Chakra is union through love. Every desire for intimate contact, unity and harmony is expressed through this chakra, even if this desire sometimes presents itself in the form of pain. The way of the heart involves the total loving acceptance of oneself, which is the key to accepting life and others.

Every denial does lead to separation and rejection but the positive acceptance of love causes vibrations against which negative expressions and feelings are powerless. Anyone who is feeling sad and depressed can overcome such state of feeling simply through exercising strong thoughts of love and attention without prejudice and limitation.

This healing process can be speeded up by sending loving thoughts to the organ or part of the body that is sick. Maria Duval says through Heart Chakra, we can heal and transform, all for the benefits of own or others.

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