Maria Duval - How to tell if your Solar Plexus Chakra is functionining well?

How to tell if your Solar Plexus Chakra is open and balanced? Here are the takes from Maria Duval:

  • Generally, you have a sense of peace, inner harmony with life and your role in your life and society.

  • You accept yourself fully, exactly as you are, while being capable of respecting the feelings and qualities of others. You accept the feelings, desires and experiences of life quite naturally. You can clearly see their role in your own development and the need to integrate them onto your personality, so they can help you to realise your potential.

  • Your behaviour is automatically in harmony with the natural laws operating within the Universe and the human being. It facilitates your development and helps you and those close to you to acquire external plenitude and prosperity.

  • Your are glowing with light and power. The aura of your etheric body is radiating around you and protecting you from negative vibrations. Your desires are fulfilled easily. Like a magnet, your attract what you want. You are not perturbed by people who push themselves forward.

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