Maria Duval - How to tell if your Heart Chakra is open and balanced

Maria Duval says that if Heart Chakra is opened and functioning harmoniously, the energies of your heart become capable of changing your world, and uniting, reconciling or even healing the people around you. You radiate a natural warmth, a great cordiality and spontaneous gaiety which touch the hearts of your fellows and fill them with confidence and joy, a natural kindness and compassion for you.

Psychic Maria Duval also says that your feelings are free from internal conflicts and torment, doubts and insecurities. You believe in love for its own sake. Joy means the joy of giving without expecting anything in return. Whatever you do, you do it from the heart.

There is wisdom from your heart and events in your life and the world outside present themselves in a new light. You recognise that the whole world of creation lives in your heart. You no longer see the world as something separate from you, but as an integral part of your own life. Maria Duval asserts that your sense of vitality is so strong that you realise what life means in its pure and primitive form; the constant expression of love and divine beatitude.

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