Sacral Chakra - How can you tell it is open and balanced?

Maria Duval teaches taht if a person's Sacral Chakra is open and balanced in a harmonious way, this is what could be experienced:

  • Easily adaptable to the natural flow of life and feelings. You are open and natural with others, without fear or shyness when you mix around, especially with the opposite sex.

  • Live in harmony with the ebbs and flows of the Nature and during sexual union with a loved one, there is vibrational dance of masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies of Creation.

  • There is a feeling of joyful current of life flowing through body, mind and spirit. There is close relationship with the Nature and you feel you are a Creation from the forces of the Nature. Wonder and enthusiasm abound. Feelings are spontaneous and mutual, and, actions are creative and motivational. A person also enriches his or her own life while inspires those people around.

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