Sexual inharmony due to imbalance of Sacral Chakra

Maria Duval says that the causes of the malfunctioning of the Sacral Chakra are often rooted in early childhood but emerge at the time of puberty. The awakening of sexual energies unsettles teenagers as they often are unable to find or identify the appropriate values from parents or teachers who are unable to explain how to use these energies in the right way. If the person has been starved of tenderness and caresses, then they will tend to gradually deny or repress their sexuality, and lose the spontaneous expressing of the creative potential.

Very negative outcomes will be resulted from such cases. There could be wild sexual imagination, sudden sexual outbursts which are hard to repress leading to crimes and wrong deeds. This imbalance can also lead to profound insecurity and tense relations with opposite sex.

Sensual feeling is relatively under developed and the person tends to give priority to satisfy their own sexual needs, without bordering about their partner's pleasure, which has the effect of isolating them within the amorous relationships.

Maria Duval adds that very often people who Sacral Chakra is out of balance are only after a satisfying sexual relationship and do not yet realise that the fault is in them. Having lost any natural and innocent kind of contact with their sexual energies, they also close the door that originally led to their own creativity, and lose that child-like wonder at the miracles of life.

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