Root Chakra - How do you know it is functioning well?

Since Root Chakra links us to the spirit of our Mother Earth, it is also essentially linked to building up a strong life force that works in tandem with our survival in this material world and our physical relationship with our terrestrial environment.

When your Root Chakra is functioning well, Maria Duval says you will experience the following:

  • You feel a deep personal bond with the Earth and its creatures, boundless vitality, stability in yourself and your life, inner strength and satisfaction.

  • You feel part of the natural cycle of life, of the alternation between rest and activity, death and re-birth. Everything you do is motivated by a desire to participate in the creation of life on our Mother Planet, while harmonising with the creative forces of the Earth and respecting life in Nature.

  • You have no problem achieving the aims you have set yourself on earth. Your life is marked by an unfailing fundamental confidence. You regard the Earth as the place from which you can obtain everything you need: material possessions, food, protection and security. So, brimming with confidence, you embrace terrestorial life and accept everything it brings you with pleasure and gratitude.

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