Emotion is an amazing driving force

Can you imagine humans who do not have emotions? Although emotions could make a person's day unpleasant, without it, the world will be very bland and tasteless. People will be like robots and zombies. Emotions are also the driving force behind the actions and faith.

Just like all forces around us, emotions need to be well channelled and contained. People with volatile emotions are inefficient because they have lost control it. As a result, precious spiritual energies are scattered and they are drained of this vital driving force.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that powerful personalities have good control of their emotions. Hence they develop clear ideas in their mind, and make good accurate decisions. They will probably succeed in everything they undertake.

Emotions are amazing. Words and pictures can't describe it. Human emotions are unfathomable and unpredictable. It can make you take up actions, whether good or bad ones.

So if you can focus your thought and emotions on a single objective, you will be drawn towards that objective like a magnet drawn to a piece of iron.

Finally Maria Duval advises try not to inhibit this natural function of your being, but instead try to harness it so that it can be used to help you sail more quickly towards the goals you have aimed in life.

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