The amazing power of self-conditioning

Don't you agree that we live in a world that is made up of energies? These energies exist in different forms are they are everywhere, and we are just a tiny speck in the seemingly endless plane of energies called the Universe. This huge energy field is the source of all things and life. Maria Duval regards it as an "intelligent field" which is the nearest thing we have to a conception of the Creator. This intelligent field is inseparably linked to our human functioning as a intelligent life.

In the process, this higher intelligence unites with our personal and individual intelligence to give us our instinct, ideas, intuition and inspiration. Some individuals who are at higher harmony with the energy field attract it more strongly than those whose are less harmonious.

This means that who people who dare to think and believe what are seemingly impossible to achieve find it easier to achieve happiness. Why is that so? They know the source of happiness does not come from the ever demanding material world we stay in.

That's why to bring yourself into harmony with this energy field is to "self-condition" your mind.

It can be simply done by relaxing your body and mind, then suggest to yourself and condition yourself to be positive and creative both in your attitude and mood as well as your behaviour.

Read these words, close your eyes and repeat them regularly.

Every day, in every way, I am becoming more and more POSITIVE."

Now breathe in deeply, close your eyes and repeat three times. Maria Duval says through this, you have just completed an important phase in re-programming your mind to be more positive.

It's also an established fact that your thoughts help to create your reality. Another established fact: your thoughts come from a well-programmed computer and your brain is really a super computer made up of billions of neurons.

So when you relax your body and mind, you switch on the computer that is your brain, and when you give it instructions, you program that computer.

You have already started, but to master the productivity of your brain, you need to relax even more and give it more and more specific verbal instructions. There are two reasons why you need to be deeply relaxed before you can switched on your mental computer. Firstly, you need to have a relaxed body in order to have a relaxed mind. Secondly, your right brain needs to be involved and be in sync with your left brain and this can be achieved through deep relaxation.

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