The extraordinary effects of the "OM" sound

For centuries till now, certain yogis and spiritual masters have been drawing strength and inspiration from an incredible sonorous vibration. Clairvoyant Maria Duval personally uses it to engage and strengthen her clairvoyant powers.

This sound is "OM" and great spiritual gurus consider it to be the word by means of which the worlds were created, the root of all language, the clear vision and the intelligence of all things. By focusing your mind on this sound, it will act with strength on your subconscious mind.

By pronouncing this word slowly, by chanting it, you will imitate the chant of the Universe. Everything, absolutely everything, vibrates to this sound. You can check this for yourself.

Extend your arms out in front of with and face your palms down. Now say "OM" loudly and strongly. You will somehow feel a tingling in the palms as they start to vibrate in response to the Universe call.

Psychic Maria Duval adds that OM tone has a vibratory message effect on your organs. The vibrations penetrate the deepest tissues and nerve cells, blood circulation round the body increases, bringing much more oxygen to different organs and the secretion of hormonal glands is stimulated.

This vibration generates electro-magnetic waves which propagate throughout the body making you feel more dynamic and joyful. Most importantly, this amplifies your ability to visualise.

Say "OM" now!

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