The negative traits of life

Psychic Maria Duval asks, do you know why it is that so many people meet with terrible setbacks and problems in their everyday lives? Maria Duval says it is simply because people have practically no knowledge of the true universal principles that hold that key to find success in life.

How many times have you heard of people around you cursing the heavens for unfairly heaping more and more problems on them everyday?

How many times have you heard people blaming all their ills on others like friends, family, colleagues and partners?

These negative individuals claim that their financial misfortunes, relationship disasters, are the result of some kind of spell cast on them by jealous and ill-intentioned people. What they don't realise is that more often than not, they are the victims of what you might call self-damnation, i.e. they have created their own misfortune by sending negative thoughts into the Universe.

Maria Duval states that one of the great cosmic Laws is that similar attracts. In other words, the negative thoughts and statements issued by these people attract even more negative events into their lives. And worse still, these negative thoughts put a kind of block on positive events, so that it's hard for strokes of luck, for example, to reach them.

So, you may ask, where do these negative influences really come from? It is a straightforward answer to say that they come from the sources which have accumulated due to the detrimental forces engendered by their own negative thoughts in the past.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval adds that you may not be a negative person at heart. The truth is that, you have been attracting negative forces in your life unknowingly thus are you an innocent victim in certain aspect.

Since we were young, we were subjected to endless remarks and "teachings" from our closed ones who educated you in some less positive "ways of life". Sadly, adults thought they knew the right way of life, but unfortunately, most of them did not and were themselves victims from the previous generations too.

As a result of the continual "life education", when you reach adulthood, insidious amount of negative thoughts is already accumulated in your mind and soul. Maria Duval knows this is unintentional. However, this ingrained negative thoughts are gradually cutting you off from the gifts you have received at birth..By this, Maria Duval means the natural intuition ability of us when we were very young.

This amazing natural intuition, if retained, could have and should have steer us towards happiness and luck that have been reserved for you since the day we were born.

Unfortunately, nobody had helped us to develop this intuition and infuse us with life's correct teachings on positive attitude and the true ways of living, and this has already been stifled and has not assisted you to receive the lucky charms of life.

Well, if you are reading this, congratulations, as it is not too late to change the thoughts that's stuck in your mind. Consult clairvoyant Maria Duval as she'd like to help you who are feeling helpless and negative now.

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M. Jensen said...

Well said...this is an inspirational post. Thanks!