Maria Duval - Regain intuition with pendulum and self control

As you concentrate and ponder about your questions, the pendulum will reveal for you the answers from the Infinite Intelligence. To begin with pendulum divinations, it will naturally take you a bit of time to learn not to move your arm and swing the pendulum in the direction you subconsciously want it to turn. This would make the result inaccurate which could leave you disappointed and discouraged.

To get more and more accurate results, you will need some regular training, as you might expect. But if you want to seek divinations from pendulum, you just got to continue to practise to gain more accuracies as we all learn from experimentations.

The musician who has mastered his art has had to educate his subconscious by repeating the music notes many times, before finally gaining the confidence to play in front of a packed audience. In the same way, to master pendulum divinations, you will have to re-ignite and find your intuition, by doing special exercises in self control as Maria Duval has explained previously. Through pendulum techniques, these self control will be supplemented. Hence your intuition level increases.

Maria Duval concludes that using all these techniques and pendulums, you will increasingly be able to regain your lost intuition and learn more answers in your life and others.

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