Maria Duval - Mind, Body and Soul

Maria Duval says this is a world of dualities. Spiritually we are linked but physically we are apart. The point is, these are parts and parcels of us as a living entity and by knowing this, we can work on our spiritual growth.

As mentioned, we are a three layered being that consists of body, soul and mind. The gist is that we have to know who we are in this ultimate totality and this helps to understand the true nature of how things work. The "soul" part is the metaphysical aspect of us that binds us physically, while the "body" part directly means our physical presence.

There is another branch out from our physical body known as "aura" Have you heard that before? Aura refers to an invisible layer of energy that is hidden from common eyes but can be seen by some psychics or clairvoyants. Scientifically, auras can even be captured using a camera lens! Maria Duval explains that our bodies are actually enclosed in this "aura" and not the other way round. This layer of aura is metaphyically and spiritually connected from one to another and so on.... This means we are ALL ONE.

Often we think that dualities we are a two section being of mind and body. The truth is that we are using the brain, which is a physical part of the body, to interpret the incoming data from our physical and nonphysical senses. The mind is not the brain. The brain is part of our physical self and our control centre.

Maria Duval thinks we are limited by the words and languages. For example, when we speak of the mind we usually link it to our brains. This is incorrect. The truth is that the mind we believe to be our own is merely a part of the "universal mind" that is part of all things and it is the mind of God. Once again, we are vibrating at a unique frequency that allows us to retain and draw to us that part of the universal mind that we know of as our memories and our knowledge. The memories and the knowledge that we claim to possess are all part of the bigger field of memories and knowledge that makes up the totality of the universal mind.

I think it is very profound to explain this duality concept. This is the best I can write something on it.

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