Maria Duval - our thought patterns

Our minds are funny. Sometimes we can be oddly positive but most of the times we are at the opposite. For example, an ambitious person always tells himself "I am going to make a name for myself with the talent I have", then the subconscious of that person registers this ambition and reinforces it in his mind if the belief and passion are strong enough to move the odds. Similarly, when a contented person who works for the state will think that he has a good life and has got what he needs to live comfortably. Then his subconscious will "draw" that and when that happens over the time, the fire and passion inside him to live an extraordinary life will fizzle.

Maria Duval asks, don't you think this is the same in any and every field, from love, money, health, luck, work to even sports? And it strongly corresponds to a spiritual truth which can be summed up as follws: "everything is ready for harvesting if the mind is prepared."

So, I reiterate what's so special about this thought concept. If I think I am going to be a popular person and reinforces with determination, my subconscious will produce the astral forms required for the realisation of my wish. And if I think I am going to earn a lot of money to buy a dream house, my subconscious is going to build up its "astral forces" and propel me forward to achieve my dream.

Maria Duval says it will then attract like a powerful magnet, the events and people that will make it possible. Apparently, this creative thought operates in both ends, for the best and also for the worst.

Hence there is a real need to control one's own thoughts which are mainly negative in nature and causing more harms than harmony. People fear and worry a lot of things and as a result, give rise to many complications and unsavoury events.

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