Maria Duval - astrology beliefs

Many people do not believe in astrology and view it as something superstitious. This is not helped by the daily doses of horoscope columns appeared at the dailies and magazines. Obviously, horoscope and astrology are different, as it is rare so many people are sharing the same fate as you each day. Astrology is an ancient art and there is much more to it then just look at the stars!

Maria Duval says in astrology, our personalities has a bit of every sign and every planet, in a way that is unique to you. It is a profound class of art that is misunderstood or dismissed as unscientific and inaccurate. I think it is due to the mentality of science which is always trying to prove something ancient to be wrong to show that humanity has advanced.

The fact is that astrology has been going on for millenniums and is part of the human heritage irregardless of cultures, whether Greek, Hindu, Romans, Chinese, Native American, African, or any other cultures myths.

Prediction by Astrology or Numerology is like predicting weather when we want to go for a trip. Of course the only difference is astrology / numerology is involved more complex and even require some decent knowledge of astronomy and maths.

So Maria Duval the astrologer regards, astrology is suitable to everyone and if look into, you may realise there is a pattern of a person's life, the inner drive and meaning behind their behavior. In this way, it would be more well appreciated..

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