Maria Duval on rituals and souls

Maria Duval has reminded that while you are practising ternary magic rituals, the omnipotent forces of the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe will manifest to you while you are engaging in the rituals. This higher intelligence is the force the created the Universe and everything under it, including you, the intelligent human being. You have life and it is through this life that you are going to make your wishes a reality. The rituals you are going to engage in will permit you to "communicate" with the higher intelligence.

Before all rituals, there is a need for you to decide in an accurate manner how you are going to perceive this Infinite Intelligence, which some people called God.

So, give it a name if you wish, and this name should best represent the ultimate Infinite Intelligence that rules the Universe. The most important is you should be at peace with this name in your soul.

Next, Maria Duval says, conjure up an image, and many people relates the image of a bright ball of living light, which has colours of white and gold. There is no fixed rule in relating this image. Use something meaningful if you like.

It is to this higher intelligence that you will relate yourself through your soul. Your spiritual body, your soul, to which you will transmit the vibrations of your wish, by transmitting the emotions of relief, joy and happiness as if the wish in your bubble were already fulfilled.

Finally, Maria Duval concludes, your soul when linked to the Higher Intelligence, will give out minor movements that will begin to operate thus allowing your hope and dreams to turn true. In short, everything in life is all about cause and effect.

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