Maria Duval - Rituals and Visualisation

The Amazing Magic Powers of Rituals

Do you know what is the meaning of ritual? According to Maria Duval, there is magic in a ritual and this is a sacred ceremony which is composed of succession thoughts, gestures, and words with all three linked and coordinated.

Magic rituals ought to be taken very seriously as the process is not entertainment nor fun. People involved have to devote a great deal of spiritual energy, mental energy and physical energy and also to obey ritual's indispensable set of rules so that it can be successful executed. The three basic rules of magic and initiate, namely, daring, knowledge and discretion.

Maria Duval says, if anyone wants to improve life and shape future, there is a great tool which everyone can use and is already "built in". That is the power of creative visualisation.

Creative Visualisation

I have written about visualisation a few times and it is an interesting subject to me. What is visualisation exactly? This is an art form which anyone can practise and improve their mind. Basically it means forming an image, a positive and beautiful image so as to invigorate and motivate you, in your thoughts. The objective is to firm up this image into something so strong and it becomes a reality in your life later.

Maria Duval also believes another advantage is to let you have a focused mind. There are people who have absolutely no problem seeing a clear and precise image. Some prefer to concentrate hard, while others sense, or become aware of a feeling. All these different methods are all effective.


One critical ingredient is a burning desire to achieve something you want in life. Needless to say, this is something that comes right from the bottom of your heart and you wish to see it coming true and it must be something that is spiritually good to the society and people around you.

Maria Duval points out this must be something felt deeply and seen clearly. Thoughts must be emotions and are full. Mental images accompanied by powerful emotions. They must be charged with positive emotions, with the joy you feel living your dream, as if it were already a reality.

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